Creative Plans for Cabins, Cottages and Castles

Building, remodeling or restoring a home can be an exciting process.  At TurnKeyNewHouse, we've designed and marketed hundreds of homes, and have a simple, goal-oriented philosophy: We believe creating your dream home should be fun.  It all starts with a great plan, tailored to your lifestyle. If some of our homes look familiar, it's because we're inspired by walking and driving the streets of established neighborhoods. Our plans are organized here as Cabins and Cottages (homes under 2,000 square feet), Main Street America (family-style homes between 2,000 and 3,500 square feet) and Castles (one-of-a-kind homes in all shapes and sizes).  To see the floor plan and get information on dimensions and pricing, please email and list the plan name in the subject line.  We'll gladly send you a no-obligation study sheet for the plan.  When you're ready to build, we'll provide detailed construction drawings.
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New home designs today blend authentic vintage exteriors with open, modern interior spaces.  Who says you can't mix styles?  Some of the more popular exterior elements include:

-        Porches, front and back (covering exterior doors also helps minimize damage from weather)

-        Mixing textures, such as horizontal/vertical/shake siding or even masonry elements (such as stone foundations below brick walls)

-        Paint colors that highlight details (a window sash that contrasts with other trim)


Some popular plan features for interior spaces:

-        All-in-One Family Rooms that combine seating around a fireplace/television, space for a dining table and the kitchen with a large center island

-        Laundry rooms with drop zones for organizing backpacks, pet supplies, charging stations for electronics

-        Convertible rooms that quickly flip from being an office by day to a guest bedroom at night


FEATURED PLAN: Forest Park Tudor Floor Plan  Developed in 1914, Birmingham, Alabama's Forest Park neighborhood flourished during the building boom of the 1920s when Tudor and Storybook styles were popular, influenced by the motion picture industry.